Spinning classes

My local gym has a room equipped with Schwinn spinning bikes ~ until yesterday I had never participated in a spinning class, but the instructor (a very cute girl who always wears a Lampre outfit) gave me enough reason to go an try it out. The „Start“ lesson was scheduled for 10PM .. I spent 5 minutes to adjust the bike and then waited .. nobody turned up apart of me and the cute instructor (!) – how fortunate !? The 45 minutes that followed had everything : a free Nihongo lesson, useful advices in terms of positioning and pedalling, a mixed course of flats and climbs and something nice to look at (that being a fit & cute girl in cycling gear). During the entire period I rode a cadence of above 100, which caused me being very exhausted at the end. The girl told me afterwards she has a road bike herself and occasionally goes for rides. I sure would love to go for a ride with her one day … but for now I will confine myself visiting her spinning classes 😉

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  1. TOM

    Watch out Marek…she could be a „spinster in disguise“!

  2. I wouldnt mind (!) If you saw her on the bike (her riding ability/technique) wearing her Lampre gear you’d know what I am talking about 😉

  3. TOM

    What are you going to do if she turns out to be a Temptressicus Egoicus Obliteratus???

  4. mob

    Good luck guys for this long weekend. Either on the race track outside or at the spinning classes inside.I am off to Osaka and will spend the weekend in the area after my business trip. I brought the bike with me, hoping for opportunities.

  5. Marek:Is this a gym near Futako/Yoga?I could use a spinning class like that for winter motivation!(I cracked my titanium frame the one time I put it on my trainer, so I am not about to try that with my aluminum track/fixed gear frame or my new Cervelo. Nor do I want to buy rollers since they always struck me as dangerous in small spaces.Best,David

  6. David,sounds like you shouldnt try putting your new cervelo on your trainer…well, the gym i am going to is right by yoga station. the only problem is that you will have to become a member in order to take part in those classes.see you, marek

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