Where was my bike made?

Or, who actually made my bike? Click here

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2 Antworten zu “Where was my bike made?

  1. mob

    Excellent reading, very interesting. I want to add that my new Cervelo Aluminium Soloist Frame is made in Taiwan – it was written on the packing. So if I wouldn’t have bought the frame only but an assembled bike it might have been made in Canada? Or elsewhere?In any case the most value is added now at Nagai San’s shop and I sincerely hope that the addition of value will come to an end in short time.I added the race schedule for 2008 yesterday on this blog. It includes all races either Tom or me would like to attend in 2008, please feel free to add more.This year the general interest torace must be big. The Fuji hill climb was sold out in 36 hours (4.000 riders) and also the Tuskuba endurance race (May) is already sold out.

  2. Michael:I saw your new frame at Nagai-san’s shop. Looks great.BUT … the orange/yellow tires clash badly. You may need to go with a different color.

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