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Riding Out the weekend July 12/13

My body is still in the office, but my brain is already firmly attached on the saddle of my bike somewhere out in the green. The weather forecast looks good for Saturday and Sunday as well, although it will be hot. Juliane, Jerome and david hopefully made it back safely from another volcanic island [I am still waiting for the tour report on this website]. There is no JCRC race planned for this weekend.
David rides out on Sunday with his MOF buddies, I might invite an old friend of mine for something leisurely on Sunday as well – perhaps we combine this one David?

But Saturday is still free, if there is any idea to go somewhere, please let me know.

I wouldn’t mind to make the Enzan tour on the weekend August 2/3 – but after that my family will be back in Japan and it will be hard to negotiate a two day tour. So if Tom and David are fine, let’s do it on this weekend.

Please also feel invited to come to my houseparty – I am home alone, my parents… ups….my family is in Germany. Two „technical university student in the 90ties style party nights“ July 25, 26. Beer. Potato salad. Music. Not much else. Will advise details, if any, later.

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