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On Thursday my family will leave for a two week vacation to Germany which will allow me to have two weeks vacation from my family. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and I am looking forward to the day they are back in Japan. I am also nostalgic about my teenage-punk-lifestyle and in the tradition of „parents are gone – the house is open“ I would like to invite everybody to come over on


I thought that everybody wanted to ride out on Saturday and perhaps on Sunday, so I didn’t want to spoil the riding fun. Better to be tired next day in the office perhaps. Please also bring your own family and friends along. We even have two rooms free if you want to stay overnight.


This is not a Japanese party so please be aware of the following deviations from the classical local party rules (party tradition since 1990):

  • There is no fixed starting time
  • The party will not be over after two hours thirty minutes
  • It is perfectly OK to arrive four hours too late
  • Please bring some food and drinks, very little will be prepared by the host
  • The host will not take care of his guests but focus on his own amusement
  • The music will be loud and noisy
  • The host has not thought about the composition and matching of the guests
  • There might be some guests there you don’t know
  • It is not appreciated to bring flowers, presents or tsumaranai monos

I will bring a beamer from the office and we can watch some movies on the screen. We also have a soccer table. During the week I will send out invitations, so that you know about the location and how to come there. Please give me a quick note if you have not received an e-mail on Wednesday night.

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