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August 2~3 all-weekend cycling to Enzan with attack of “Japan’s Galibier”: Ōdarumi-tōge


To all our cycling buddies :

Yesterday, while enjoying a couple great seasonal beers at the Ishikawa Brewery, Michael and I decided to organize the second edition of the “Enzan-Odarumi Classic” next weekend. Michael and I are inviting all our cycling buddies from Positivo Espresso, Team NFCC and friends to join us on yet another epic ride!

Important note: this cycling weekend is not conceived as a race or an event for demonstrating one’s hill climbing or downhill skills…nobody to be left behind + leisurely pace promised!

Barring typhoons, we will be attacking one of Japan’s most beautiful “hors-catégorie” mountain passes…the Ōdarumi-tōge 大弛峠 in Yamanashi Prefecture (no, again this is not the lowish Ōtarumi-tōge大垂水峠 near Takao!) on Sunday, Aug. 3. The previous day, on Saturday, Aug. 2, we will ride down into Enzan (塩山)after crossing a few short and some longer hills and stay overnight at our “base camp,” Sasamotoya-ryokan(笹本屋旅館)with onsen. For the return trip to Tokyo, we will take the train from Enzan Station.

Sat. (8/2)

8:30: Get-together at Sekidobashi

16:00: Arrival in Enzan – Check in at Sasamotoya-ryokan followed by onsen, tempura dinner with isshōbin (1.8 liter bottle) fruity Katsunuma wine for those who desire one… Following dinner, for those still feeling a little dry, the local Enzan bar where Snow-white serves cocktails of ditto name, is just around the corner (don’t worry, Guinness is served as well).

Sun. (8/3)

7:00 Breakfast

8:00: Start of our climb all the way to the top of Ōdarumi-tōge (66km)
This mountain pass/ridge boasts Japan’s paved road at the highest elevation (2,360m). The length of the climb itself is 29.7km at an average (and rather mild) inclination of 6.3%. We will start at about 500m and climb up to 2,360m…once above the 2,000m line, one feels the air becoming thinner! Views are simply breathtaking. Going down you see the entire Kofu Basin opening up in front of you.

16:00: return to Sasamotoya, pick up ruck-sacks with rinko bag, ride to Enzan Station (5 minutes from Sasamotoya).

17:00: train back to Tokyo

* For our Japanese friends joining:


* Here is the route:


* Sasamotoya-ryokan:
Excellent food / great hospitality…10,650 yen/person (inc. dinner & breakfast)

* “Must-bring-along” items:
rinko-bag for return trip
full-finger gloves (or inner gloves)

For those wishing to join, please drop a line either to MOB or TOM preferably before Thursday (7/31) ! The more souls, the more fun…

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