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I would like to make a longer tour through the Western mountains on Saturday, is anybody interested to join? I desperately need some hillclimb training to survive Nariki, Shuzenji, Shiobara and Gunma races in the month to come. So I was first thinking about a Honjuku- Tomin approach, down to Okutama, then cross over to Chichibu and try the track for the Tokyo Hill Climb race on August 17th. It might also be possible to visit the new house from Ryoko and Stephen close by on this tour.

But then yesterday by chance I found this secret bicycle route map of Japan with new great routes. I suggest we start at the tower protecting the bay and proceed to the East over the three hill of Japan until we reach the edge. Careful, you might be shot at from the castle in the mountains so bring some armor.

Any other suggestion is also welcome.

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