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After a longer break and some communication with F2P I finally found the time (and the renewed pleasure) to work on the Positivo Espresso Team Outfits for the 2009 season. F2P pointed out some inconsistencies in the designs which I corrected. I tried to address as much as possible the comments from the riders that have been forwarded.

So here is the latest design for the short sleeve jersey.
There was much more interest for the short sleeve jerseys than for the bib shorts, so I am intending to make this the main item for 2009. F2P also agreed to reduce the required minimum lot size, therefore we can finally start the production if everybody is OK with this design. I would like to add some comments

  • The main colors (orange, light grey and dark grey are the same as for the 2008 design)

  • These colors are also matching with the colors of the bib shorts, so 2008 jerseys can be worn with 2009 bib shorts.

  • There has been a long discussion about the slogans on the back. In the end I concurred with some of the opinions expressed, that SLEEP. DRINK. EAT. RIDE YOUR BIKE. is somehow the established vision of Positivo Espresso and should be included on the back.

  • I still like the Japanese[The light is red – but / if we all cross together / it won’t be scary] but I can also understand that there are strong feelings against it. I left it on the jersey, but minimized the size and put it on the collar. This has also the advantage that you can not read it in it’s entirety – which makes it some kind of secret message.

  • We will have a full length zipper on the front.

  • The general cut will be not PRO CUT but FUN CUT which seems to be more suitable for the majority of the riders that would like to have a new jersey.

And here is the latest design for the bib shorts.
Please note that only the orange part can be printed. The design is more or less as the first one. However, I have removed all Positivo Espresso logos except the one on the lower right leg, as we have more than enough logos on the jersey.

I liked the comment about the ladybug very much and included one on the back. This one is then called „Shingomushi“ in Japanese, meaning „Traffic Light Insect“, or, if written with different characters „Ignoring Traffic Lights“.

I will send an e-mail to all riders who expressed their interest with some more details. In case you are interested, but you didn’t got a mail, please let me know. You can also order a jersey if you are not a member of Positivo Espresso. We will also discuss the jerseys must likely at the „Davis Touring Planing Meeting“ on April 14th. That is, if I am allowed to speak up.

If there is something you would like to comment on the design, please let me know.

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Cent Cols Challenge

The Cent Cols Challenge involves climbing 100 Cols in ten days, cycling nearly 200 kms per day with an average of 3,000 metres of ascension on each stage. The first edition will be held on the 13th-23rd September 2009. The intention is for this to become an annual event. It will be held in the French Alps for the first three years. Thereafter it will be held in different mountainous regions for three years at a time.


Unfortunately it’s SOLD OUT. Phew!

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