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Fur or no fur?

„Whatever. I mean, I suppose I believe that cyclists should shave their legs, but they don’t have to. It makes massage better, and bandaging road rash is easier, but for most of us even those claims–not to mention the ridiculous claims of better aerodynamics and stuff–are justifications rather than authentic reasons. Leg shaving is closer to taking the sacrament or singing during the seventh-inning stretch. You’re performing an action that helps you belong to something, and at the same time you’re paying homage to whatever that something is. When you shave your legs, you’re admitting something about yourself, and to yourself. But even that isn’t quite accurate.“

Why I Shave – Bicycling.com

I shaved in 2006 – my ‚Etape year‘. Liked it. I haven’t done so since, but am contemplating it again this year. For me, I agree with the sentiment in the linked article. It is a statement to myself that I ‚belong‘ and that I am taking my riding seriously.

What say you all?

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