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Laurent has started a charity project for the benefit of CARE and asked me for our support and to spread the word:

"I am trying to raise as much money as possible for specific projects run by CARE International. CARE is a humanitarian organization fighting global poverty through education and training to encourage self-help, social inclusion and economic opportunity. CARE also delivers relief in emergencies.
Some of you receiving this mail know that Societe Generale is partnering with CARE on 3 concrete projects in Peru, Mali and Bangladesh.

I have decided to actively raise funds for these projects by entering a fund-raising bike ride from Paris to London organized by SG in June (NB: We'll get on a boat to cross the Channel between France and the UK. I'm not planning to cycle under water, and the guy who used to part the seas isn't around anymore!). I think I will be the only participant from Asia and I am counting on a lot of support from friends in the region and elsewhere.I would also like to start an SG Asia team for future years!

You can help me by contributing financially either directly to me, or via my website http://www.aiderdonner.com/laurentdepus You can also help by promoting this around yourself, to your friends, colleagues and family. Please help me reach as many people as possible.

It takes only a few minutes and every contribution counts.The integrality of your donation will be delivered to CARE. I and SG will cover all the expenses of the event itself.

I started yesterday with a 1000 EUR target but from the wonderful and immediate response of many people, I will be able to increase this target very soon. The sky's the limit.

Thank you in advance for your support!"


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