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Mount Fuji as seen from the road on Western Izu autumn 2008

We are scheduling a club ride down South on Izu Hanto during the Golden Week. Here is the plan:

07.15 Meet at Shinagawa Station, Shinkansen Entrance

07.34 Departure Kodama 635

08.20 Arrival Mishima Station
08.45 Start riding in direction Shimoda along West Izu coast [proposed route]
12.30 Lunch break somewhere, somehow
13.30 Crossing the famous Jaishi Toge

Going up Jaishi Toge can be very hard with a bowl of ramen in your stomach

16.00 Arrival Shimoda
, Visit Kanaya hot spring :
20.37 Last train leaves Rendaiji (station next to Kanaya) for Shinagawa
23.09 Arrival Shinagawa

Alternative 1
: Return the same day home. Perhaps we can squeeze in a dinner at Sunny Side as well.

Alternative 2 : Have dinner at Sunny Side Cafe at Shimoda Beach, stay the night at James’s house (if OK with James, so this is still open, also depending on feedback)

Some more cycling the next day, to be decided on the spot. Return by train to Tokyo then in the afternoon.

What you would need :

– Bicycle bag, repair stuff, tube, pomp, wind breaker, you know, the usual stuff.
– Definitely lots of CO2 cartridges – Izu is a jinxed place


The West Izu Team in 2006

Yes, for sure : michael (1 day), Michael (open)
I think so : David (1 day), James, Ben

If anybody else is interested, please post in the comments section. In case we have the chance to do a two day trip we need to do some preparations :

– Luggage per takyubin to Shimoda
– Grill reservation with Sunny Side
Shinkansen tickets (anyway it is GW)

Hurry up, there is not much time left.

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Reverse Wada

Out with Michael, Graham & David today on the same loop that Bryon and I attempted last week before we were so rudely interrupted.

145kms, 1400m of climbing on a beautiful sunny, if blustery, Spring day.

We made good time out of Tokyo, had a pit-stop around the 60km mark then carried onto Wada toge, our goal for the day.

Highlights included a strong climb up Wada by David, meeting Jerome at the bottom of our descent, a cornering of the banana market and awesome ride back along the river with a HUGE tailwind. We were pushing 40km/h+ for most of the river. Has to be record time from the top of Wada to home. After checking my Garmin, we averaged 24.5km/h on the way out and 30.1km/h on the way back. Sugoi.

We met as usual at 7am at Ebisu station and I was home at exactly 2pm with a mildly sunburnt right calf to show for my travails.

Great day on the Cervelo, which yet again performed fantastically. It’s about time the rider got a bit stronger and LIGHTER. 🙂

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