HOTAKA ! Saturday, October 17

The annual event organized by Kodama-san and coinciding with the Saiko and Okinawa races is not taking place this year for still unexplained reasons. Instead, Thomas and I are thinking of doing the „Giro de Hotaka“ as a joint Positivo Espresso – Tokyo Cycling Club event this coming Saturday (Oct. 17) when the koyo splendour should be at its best!

We will take an early train out to Numata from Ueno and return to Tokyo the same day. Philip has mapped out the course for us here.

More details will soon follow on the TCC site.

Ludwig has suggested an alternative „Jomokogen – Utsunomiya“ route in the area which looks equally attractive and includes the two lakes above Nikko. Maybe we could do this one the following weekend?

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5 Antworten zu “HOTAKA ! Saturday, October 17

  1. mob

    Sorry guys, I got invited to spend the weekend in Itoigawa – will blog later about. Have fun.

  2. Tom, It seems Kodama san has gone into hospital so there'll be no Hotaka or other of his races for the time being. Let's hope he gets well soon and enjoy the ride!AndyPS – Mob, if you're near Joetsu (next town up the coast from Itoigawa) on Sunday 18th, we're having a ride up to Lake Nojiriko and then back to Joetsu for a BBQ and booze up. free to join!Andy

  3. Tom — looks great. I will join this if my work permits. Best, David

  4. mob

    Andy,Thanks for the invitation, really appreciated. I would love to be dropped by you on a ride. This time however I have a full schedule in Itooigawa. But depending on what comes out of them I might come more often.

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