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Trailblazing five new passes into Nagano-ken

I headed out on Tuesday to explore a new route into Nagano-ken. The idea was to take as many passes yet unknown to me as possible.
It was a beautiful early morning. When the sun was rising as I hit the Tamagawa, there was still frost on the ground. The sky was crystal clear.

Discovery pass no. 1 was the small hill starting beyond Higashi-Ome station and leading into Saitama, yet without name. Shall we call it Ludwig’s belly because it is so flat?
Instead of heading straight and taking the shortest way towards Yamabushi Toge as we usually do, I went north and took Yamao Toge, discovery pass no. 2 (OK, not quite – I had done it once with MOB on a criss-cross through the area around there). At 250m, it is 130m lower than Ozawa Toge, but also amounts to a detour of a few kilometers.
Then the usual approach up Yamabushi Toge – nothing new here.
Disovery pass no. 3 was to take a southern approach from Chichibu-shi towards Ogano. Much nicer than taking route 299 or even the short-cut, but quite a bit longer and with a pass that requires some climbing.
After my first and last pit-stop for the day at the combini shuten in Ogano, I rode through the Nishi-Chichibu Natural Park with its dam up to Yakyu Toge, elevation 840m. This was discovery pass no. 4 and the first „real“ mountain pass for the day. It is my fourth pass from Saitama into Gunma, aside from Shigasaka, Tsuchisaka and Kaze passes. It is by far the nicest climb, on a small rindo-like road with no traffic and up a beautiful valley. Well, there was some traffic in the lower part – dumb trucks and other building site traffic that was repairing the road so that it would be easier to pass for other dumb trucks that would do further repairs so that more building site traffic could pass… It is sheer madness!
The descent on the other side is very steep and the road not always particularly good. It is then a long ride up a broad valley until a short climb starts to Shionozawa Tunnel. I was tempted to avoid the tunnel and do the actual pass, but adding almost 400m to the climb would have cost too much time to make it to my final destination.
Down on the other side, it was the final climb of the day (discovery pass no. 5), first through a broad valley with lovely farming houses, then up endless turns. From the border to Nagano-ken which is somewhere up on the climb it was almost 100 curves up to the top – the Saku authorities had put up signs counting every single curve (another ingenious way of wasting tax payers‘ money). As one ascends, rocky mountain tops emerge and eventually one reaches almost similar elevation to them.
Very beautiful in the setting sun.
From the moment I had entered Gunma, almost everything was frozen. It was a cold day, despite the bright sun, and the afternoon sun was not able to reach the bottom of the valley in many places. Up Taguchi Toge (1,140m) it was very cold, a few degrees below zero. My hands and feet turned into ice blocks on the way down, despite my peddling (the road is not steep at all).
I lost my way temporarily trying to take a new approach to Sakudaira shinkansen station, which cost me 10-15 minutes and meant the last few kilometers were in complete darkness.
210km in all, with 2,600m of climbing.

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Positivo Espresso approved Jizo-Sama [地蔵]

At the start of One-Kan, just next to the Tamagawa bridge and Yanokuchi Station on road #9, there is the only officially approved Jizo statue which provides the necesary protection against all kind of traffic accidents and evil car and scooter drivers. Please make sure to say proper prayers when passing along as otherwise you will be drawn underground by the pinchers of hell.

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Tamagawa Cycling Road

Yesterday, while cycling along the Tamagawa, there was a strong headwind which made it really hard to make progress. I was not the only one who felt so, other cyclists just falled down from their bikes to rest and catch some breath.

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