During the past few days, I received quite a few valuable comments…one being that the Party participation fee is a bit on the high side (my mistake ) while a few people understandably also did not like the idea of having to cycle home from Tamajiman after dark has set in.
Accordingly, I have taken the liberty and wish to inform all of you that :
(1) Starting time from the Takao 7/11 has been moved up by 1 hour and a half 12:00 → 10:30
(2) Arrival time at Tamajiman should therefore be before 16:00.
(3) I have „negotiated“ a more „deocratic“ price being a Yen 5,000 per person two-hour NOMIHODAI course including food.
Hope especially for MOB too that there will be a big turnout… and that we will be blessed with weather like today (a little bit less windy though).

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