20.000 HITS

Clstrmap statistics will report today that we have exceeded 20.000 hits on the Positivo Espresso web site; the main page that is, as we count only the direct hits there. The intervalls between 5.000 hits are geting shorter and shorter:

0 – 5.000 hits from 14.11.07, the start of the site to 26.09.2008, 316 days,
– 10.000 hits to 21.05.2009, 228 days
– 15.000 hits to 18.11.2009, 181 days
– 20.000 hits to 21.03.2010, 123 days

Today is rest day.

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2 Antworten zu “20.000 HITS

  1. TOM

    Impressive!Thought the Columbian cactus goes together well with the Dutch lady's ankle.

  2. At this rate, in only a few years we will be at 5000 hits per minute!

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