Mechanic doping ?? Ay ya ya ya yai !!!

suspicious movements on the handlebar by Cancellara….find out all about it!!

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9 Antworten zu “Mechanic doping ?? Ay ya ya ya yai !!!

  1. Oooh, la, la, la, la, la…

  2. and a good "ay, ya, ya, ya, yai" to go with the Oooh, la, la, la, la, la… For students of Flemish these appear towards the end of the clip when Cancellara drops th ehammer down leaving Boonen going up the hill.

  3. TOM

    I suspect Ludwig too has one of those installed inside his CANYON seatpost… his seated accelerations are just too supernatural!

  4. It's all about weight, long legs, and high cadence!Just kidding – I admit to having been found out. Now you know why the Canyon tubes are so fat, esp. towards the BB. Worth the investment!

  5. So does that make Manfred von Holstein the Floyd Landis of PE?? Jerome (v2.0) only needs a couple of hard boiled eggs.

  6. I just get towed up by the support car. Remember I said it was a Pajero that slowed me down on the way up Yabitsu!

  7. The motor seems too noisy for "mechanical doping" purposes. If they can come up with a very quiet/silent version, then the UCI will need to start x-raying bikes at the beginning of races. Meanwhile, Cancellara was just shifting gears. Of course, they're not saying he was cheating … just asking you to draw your own conclusions.

  8. One more point — for awhile I've been thinking "Why Radio Shack?" for the new Amstrong/Bruyneel sponsor. … I think this whole episode pretty much explains it.

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