Home Grown Heroes

Just thought I would let you know that Rue88 has run an artical on our very our Dave. H and Dave. K and thier L’Etape du Tour challenge to raise money for the Tyler Foundation!
If you haven’t already donated please head on over to the Tyler foundation and chip in! Even if it’s only ¥500 every little bit counts!
Also if you can post the links and stories up on your blogs, websites and send it via e-mail to everyone you know it would really help spread awareness.
All the best to them and hopefully they will keep us updated with their efforts!

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  1. Indeed, an excellent cause, and they will be heroes, … but Rue89 further perpetuates the use of a great photo showing the Stelvio approach as a supposed photo of the Tourmalet (コル・ド・トマレ). It is a cool photo, I know … but it is not the Tourmalet. I remember those turns from last year. My tire blew out just about at the bottom of the visible stretch of that road. See "Apparently … I've Been Training for the Wrong Mountain." http://djones.myncblogs.com/2009/12/04/apparently-ive-been-training-for-the-wrong-mountain/

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