c speed …Japan’s coolest bicycle shop about to open!

– press release –

Positivo Espress(i)o-(n)ist Hiroshi
a.k.a. Tetsu Chunen
launching his own
bicycle shop
this weekend !!!
c speed … the coolest
bicycle shop in all of Japan!

c speed soft opening this Friday evening 18:00~21:00!


(we’re proud of you!)

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6 Antworten zu “c speed …Japan’s coolest bicycle shop about to open!

  1. Already been to the shop great location and very close to me…… awesome news and I hope he is sucessful!

  2. Hiroshi is livin' the dream! The photos look great, and I can't wait to stop by.Hmmm. cspeed espresso? doesn't quite work. other ideas?

  3. Wow, what nice news. Good luck, Hiroshi!

  4. Team name….. C-Speed….. Hiroshi-san doesn't need coffee to get his motor running!

  5. If work permits … I would love to get to Koyama-san's shop for the Friday evening "soft open" …

  6. mob

    Congratulations, Hiroshi!I admire you for owning your own bike shop , and even much more for the courage to open and run your own business.A team of international academics, lawyers, business consultants, investors and financial advisors is staying stand-by to guide you through the shallows of business.

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