Michael H. v 2.0

My „rehab ride“ series continued today heading out with Michael H. on a nice half-day ride.
We went via Takao, over Otarumi, then back along the forest road on the North side of Tsukui-ko (past the „drug lord compound“ — complete with palm trees and beat-up Land Rover), then back via the „tank road“ and One Kan-sen.

This was not the Michael H. who started riding with the Ebisu crew not so long ago, but the new, slimmer, stronger version (v 2.0) that showed up sometime last year and is still very much with us — the one that waits for me at the top of Otarumi, reading a copy of „Dune“ that he pulls out of his back jersey pocket.

Indeed, this Michael H. seems to be in „desert training“ mode.  He enjoys the early morning start and the hot weather, knowing that in a few weeks he will be in Dubai and riding at a very high pace with the Dubai Roadsters — with an early morning start and in even hotter (if less humid) weather.

In any event, we made decent time, and my back muscles (and legs) were a bit stronger than last week.  Michael had a Noon return deadline, and I waved him ahead at the Odakyu Line underpass on the Tamagawa, since I needed to stretch and get rid of some numbness in my feet for a few minutes, before limping home in the mid-day sun.

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2 Antworten zu “Michael H. v 2.0

  1. I take it there will be a going away event for Michael?

  2. James: Yesterday Michael H. and I passed Yair and his young son on the path near Hachioji and Yair asked the same question.When I proposed a going away event on the 27th (Tuesday – tomorrow) some weeks back, the responses I received were generally 'regrets' from people who were going to be out of the country — James K., Dominic, Graham and on and on — so there is no separate cyclists farewell planned. Instead, I'm going to attend Michael H's farewell the following evening (28th, 7pm-ish) at:http://www.thepilgrimtokyo.com/Please stop by if you can.Best, David L.

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