Wet White Dream is ready to ride

Picked up my new bike at the shop today after the owner, Campa, had kindly agreed to setup everything before Wednesday so that I could take her to the Transalp.

Total weight is barely UCI legal. And this includes pedals and before adding a lighter saddle which will shave off another 100g from the total.

More pics to follow shortly. The design was inspired by the camouflage jerseys from the St. Pauli stealth bomber group (here an actual photo when riding out with the club). 

I wanted something that fits nicely into the landscape, and with snow forecasted for the higher regions of the Transalp tour next week, white will melt beautiful into the background of glaciers and ravines.

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  1. MOB:Great that the bike is ready! And great that it is "barely UCI legal." Most importantly, the paint job on the new bike looks … well, I cannot tell. I guess your autofocus must have jammed so you can only take photos from 30-40 cm distance? Or is this your idea of a tease? If so, I think you've overdone it — remember, nobody likes a tease. I guess I'll just need to wait to see it tomorrow.Are you set on the name, or can we try to make suggestions for something a bit, well, more "family friendly"? Best, David

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