Canyon bikes suck! Folding bike… On impact!

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3 Antworten zu “Canyon bikes suck! Folding bike… On impact!

  1. At least mine haven't done this, over almost 30,000km. Carbon or aluminium? What did the owner do?

  2. Given the punishment taken by my 4-year old Cervelo R3-SL frame, the favorable Canyon reviews, dominance of the brand at this year's Transalp, the good experiences of MOB and Ludwig, the patent cross-license and full settlement with Cervelo, and the very good "cost performance" ratio, I actually stopped at the Canyon exhibitor in Valfrejus and got measured (was told that a 60cm frame and 110mm stem would be equivalent to my current riding position). I went on the Canyon online ordering website on Sunday in Valfrejus and started spec'ing out a bike, comparing cost and features of the "outlet" versions and the 2011 CF and CF SLX frames and bikes.Perhaps my agony during the race on Monday was more karma, for a mental lack of fidelity to the Cervelo that has safely carried me over incredible mountains and distances these past 4 years? At least I did not press the "order" button. (If truth be known, this was because the website did not delete VAT even with a Japan shipping address, and because of the very poor internet connection in Valfrejus).I've decided to hold off on any bike decisions for now, since the Cervelo should have some life left in her, and is the "horse I'm riding" for Etape Acte II and also PBP 2011 next month.

  3. Wow, I'm surprised and delighted to see you turning into a Canyon fan!I agree it is not good to buy on impulse and to think this over first. You would probably want a test ride too, to make sure you really like the geometry of the frame. I can let you sit on my bike if you like.Which model were you thinking of buying? Maybe also a good opportunity to upgrade to a newer group set? I would never just buy a frame from them – the group set and wheels come so cheaply with the frame that it should always be worth buying them.BTW, unlike some other manufacturers (mail order or otherwise), Canyon will charge for every change in the specs/components. If you want a smaller or larger stem than comes with the specific model, you pay. You pay for the full cost of the extra component (but not the labour), and get nothing back for not using the old one. A nice deal for them.

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