Tagesarchiv: 17. Oktober 2013

Nakagawa Fumiki.

I have the pleasure to announce, that Mr. Nakagawa Fumiki has convinced us by his recent self portrait submission on his facebook account, to accept him as honorary member of the „Fixed Beards Bremen“ bicycle club. Well done Fumiki and congratulations.


In case you are not aware of it yet, you have joined the ranks of other illustreous personalities that have two things in common: Wearing a beard (of some sort) and riding a fixed bike (of some sort). To give you the general idea, we have published some photos of our members below.

1306 Fixed Beards Bremen 00

0000 hate

You’ve come a long way since 2010.

0000 fumiki



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Einige Räder. Einfach so.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA 0000 Mercian 0000 Moser 0000 Spillo 0000 Torpedo 0000 Vetta

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