First Project 2015: Duell Shopping Blockade RunnerBike


Configured for fast, extensive shopping runs.


Three kilos of massive steel, inspired by the cars from Mad Max 2


Honjo chrome mud guards with minimal clearence for road racing bikes. Combining them with Dura Ace AX brakes is not a good idea.


Front view of the shopping blockade runner.


Actually, this is a very fast frame. Which deserves better.

No, I am serious. Honestly. I just got this very nice Duell frame delivered and some other deliveries from Japan and I was looking for a quick start to assemble and test some components. But the result doesn’t ride that bad – relatively fast and extremely comfortable due to the high position of the handle bar and the upright riding position

But with this massive handle bar – basket combination I have something different in mind. As well as with the Duell frame.

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