A well used bibshort.

David and Jerome finished yesterday their 400km brevet BRM321 of the Saitama Audax Club (in Japanese). Well done, I hope we will sea a post about the event on the Positivo Espresso Blog in the near future. The photo below shows the sorry state of Jeromes bib short before the start – I can’t imagine how it will look like after a 400km ride.


This is a bib short from the second batch of Positivo Espresso jerseys produced in 2009. David mentioned that he is considering of designing a new kit, so we all look forward for new team wear this year, distributed to the members of the club dispersed between Tokyo, London, Bremen und several other places.

For those who are not familiar with the Japanese language, allow me to explain the pun on the back: It shows an insect („mushi“ in Japanese) and the Japanese characters „信号虫“, the first two characters being a compound „shingo“ meaning traffic light and the third one the character „mushi“ for insect. It reads „Shingomushi“ which by chance has the same reading as „信号無視“, but a complete different meaning „ignoring traffic lights“.

I remember well the discussion we had in the club when the design was introduced and whether or not this would be too provocative for riding inJapan. At least some members did not order the kit as a result. Still, I hope that during the last six years everybody has ridden safely and without being harrassed by the Japanese police because of the design.

Anyway, I agree it is time to prepare something new and it would be great if a new kit is ready for the Giro Dolomiti event in summer in Italy as well as for David challenging Paris – Brest – Paris (for which the 400km brevet was a prerequisite) afterwards.


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