Togebaka No. 4: Kazahari (Honjuku up)

For this coming weekend, I’m planning to add & attack Togebaka No.4…a very obvious one: KAZAHARI (Honjuku up). Anyone joining?

Two more variations for Kazahari: KAZAHARI (Okutamako up) and KAZAHARI RINDO (with 18%)

For those unfamiliar with the latter, this is the notorious 18%+ rindo (in perfect paved state – totally devoid of automobile traffic) on the Kita-Akikawa side of Kazahari. To get there, turn right at Honjuku direction Kanato (here is another Bakatoge to be added) and continue along the Kita-Akikawa river until you hit the following spot where the REAL climbing starts. This is the startline…..

….and 4.7km further up….is the finish line, the gate at the Kazahari Parking Lot.


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3 Antworten zu “Togebaka No. 4: Kazahari (Honjuku up)

  1. mob

    If the weather is good and depending on my family commitments I think I can join next weekend. I would opt for Sunday, as it is a big difference to ride with Tom on Saturday (superfast) or on Sunday (fast). Nagai-San fixed my rear wheel so the bicycle should be somehow ok.The honjuku approach is by going thru Itsukaichi? Or are you thinking about going via Takao?Depending on time and form I would prefer to go there fast (Itsukaichi), climb up to the toge and return the same way to Itsukaichi. Then to decide to go home by bike or by train.

  2. TOM

    Honjuku is thru Itsukaichi, indeed. We then turn left at Honjuku, the starting point. Turning right at Honjuku would bring us to Kanato and further to the notorious 18%+ Kazahari Rindo …another bakatoge definitely to be added! Sunday sounds fine.

  3. TOM

    Looks like poor weather on Sunday Michael…why not go for Saturday? I will pull you at least until the midway traffic lights and am asking you to chase me until (and beyond!) that midway point. This way we can post record times! (I’m of course aiming to be under 1 hour)

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