Year End/New Year rides

Rain is coming Friday afternoon/Saturday morning, but thereafter should be dry pavement and positive (positivo?) temperatures through the holidcay week.

Anyone around town and interested in riding Sunday, Monday or in the New Year?

… last year on January 2 I rode the course of the Hakone Ekiden from Kawasaki to Odawara and hopped the train home. I joined the course about 20-30 minutes ahead of the runners and gained from there. Most of the way the road had been closed to traffic, making it the best possible riding conditions for going through crowded parts of Kanagawa prefecture. Anyone interested in trying it this year?

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13 Antworten zu “Year End/New Year rides

  1. mob

    Sunday and Monday looks ok so far. I will be gone for skiing from Jan 2 and only return on Jan 6th.Let`s get in touch again tomorrow.

  2. TOM

    Sunday is OK with me too. How does Matsuhime sound?

  3. Matsuhime sounds cold! … but I’m happy to consider anything that does not involve ice, snow or too much wind.

  4. TOM

    Ditto…we want to avoid ice on the road so let’s not take risks by going too high up. If tomorrow feels warm like this morning, Matsuhime may be feasible though. A long & slow ride is what I have in mind.

  5. mob

    Guys,I am available for a short ride tomorrow morning. Would prefer to start at 7 from my house in order to be back before noon, so max 5 hours.Jerome Hill is the obvious proposal, but if anything similar (app 100 km) is on you mind let me know.

  6. TOM

    long or short…both are OK with me. Jerome Hill is fine too. I guess Matsuhime would be aiming a bit too high at this time of the year. Otherwise a Tomin-no-mura TT? Sekidobashi @ 8:00?

  7. Start timing works for me.Michael’s house – 7:00ishMy house — by 7:15 (Michael – let me know if you prefer this side of the bridge at Futako).Sekidobashi — by 8.I guess depending on how I feel I might want to try further/higher than Jerome hill — Tomin no mori. Happy to play it by ear.

  8. mob

    ok,David, I be at your house 7.10hr so that we can be at Sekidobashi at 8 AM. We then go in direction Itsukaichi and decide how to proceed. However for me it is almost 100% Jerome Hill due to nonn mongen.

  9. TOM

    See you guys tomorrow…Jerome Hill will be best for me too…got to do the „end-of-year general housecleaning“ in the afternoon.

  10. mob

    Sorry guys, I just came home from the 15th wedding anniversary dinner with me wife. I drank the most expensive bottle of red wine ever in my life. Could have lived one month as a student with the money spend for the wine: two months for the money spend for the dinner. Anyway, I am drunk and no way I am going to wake up early in the morning tomorrow.Excuse me.

  11. TOM

    I was almost going to say „Zama wo miro!“ but since this was your 15th wedding anniversary, you’re excused Michael…the excuse is valid enough! You should learn how to handle one bottle of wine the evening before a ride though. Expensive ones usually don’t give you a hangover!. David and I decided to pulverize your Sagamiko Up record which we both did!!

  12. Hi guys,sorry for the inconvenience, I hope you nevertheless had a good ride.Actually the bottle of red wine be drank was pretty expensive – more Yen than the full course menu we were eating. But I drink alcohol very rarely these days.Tried to make up for the loss in training and went out riding today, Jerome Hill.Could improve my entry to 09:27 min. Last time I went with Tom, I was already tired when I reached the start point. was home within 4:07 hours.It’s ok to pulverize my sagamiko Up togebaka time, but did you count from the old (Sagamiko Station Crossing) or the new start point (as David proposed?)Happy new year everybody.

  13. TOM

    Congratulations again on your 15th Wedding Anniversary Michael!The Sagamiko Up TT was measured from the Sagamiko Station traffic lights (with the superthin rubber family planning vending machine on the corner)Have a cosy New Year’s Eve!

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