MOB’s Open House

Never even in my wildest dreams, I would have thought that one of my friends would wait in line for hours in front of the Shinjuku Krispy Kreme Donuts Outlet, just to have a suitable present to bring to the open house party. Thank you so much, Natascha, we really felt loved by you.

Also the Shumai from Ryoko tasted wonderful the next day with German grill ketch-up (red bottle – light green cap).
We lightened up more than 300 tea lights which I bought especially for the event at IKEA in support of the more than 300.000 potential victims of a potential earthquake to occur one day in Tokyo – another brilliant idea copied from the Onion Network.

Yes, IKEA, the cradle of modern civilization. Various discussions in the evening centered around the question what IKEA really is. The biggest restaurant in the world? A convenient way for parents to meet and to get rid of their kids for two hours? For me, I check the catalog for new furniture and drive to IKEA to buy it. But once there, I don’t like the design or the quality or it is so much different than I have imagined. So I never buy. But I always drive home with a trunk load full of tealights.

Another topic in which particular Joerg was very much interested was Fuko. I checked also some of her youtube videos but decided that I cannot possible post the links here. So please find out for yourself if really necessary. But don’t do this in the office or if you are catholic.
So the open house party is over by now and I am left with huge amounts of beer, chips and other stuff. So please feel free to give me a quick call and come over to my house, I am there most of the evenings now.

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  1. Hello MOB,thank you for the invitation and the nice party. Especially I have to say, that you are a great cook! I hope your wife and your children know this!Oh, I should not forget, to say sorry for being one of the last 3 people on Sunday (Monday morning).Anyway I will start my bicycle trainingafter coming back from my home leave.

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