6 am on Easter Monday morning is a time for close inspection of the inside of the eyelids for the sane and sensible. We, however, were scoffing porridge to fuel our big showdown with former pro and TdF yellow jersey holder Sean Yates. This was a „two-up“ team time trial over a sporting (ie hilly) 50km course along some of Hampshire’s prettiest dual-carriageways (four lane autobahns for the foreigners).

As you will see from the pictures taken at the finish we are clearly in much better condition than Sean and his team-mate, top amateur Richard Prebble – who are showing the strain of trying to keep up with us. Any guesses who was faster and by how much??

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4 Antworten zu “Training!

  1. mob

    Looks like the two of you are experiencing an OWI of 3.0 on a dead flat road.

  2. Is this really the same race in both photos? Why are Sean and Richard in shorts and short sleeves, while David and Juliane are not? Best, David L.P.S. Whare are your helmets????

  3. David, yes, this is the same race. In the time honoured tradition of british time trialing the races start at the crack of dawn. Its difficult to predict what the weather is going to be. we started first, 16 minutes before the Yates/Prebble team ~ they sailed past us about an hour later! The time trialling governing body in the uk dont require helmets ~ the road racing body do. I still enjoy feeling the wind in (whats left of) my hair… DJ

  4. results! ;-)

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