Wanted to Buy – 59 60 or 61cm Road Frame

 Please forgive this „Wanted“ classified ad.

I’m looking for a road bike frame I can build up and use on my trainer this winter and as a second bike for training rides thereafter.  I don’t usually see anything in my size on sale in Japan, so I’ll buy from abroad (a store or via ebay) unless I can find someone who has one they want to sell here locally.

I’ll probably be confined to the trainer (with a somewhat upright riding position) until my shoulder is well recovered, so the trainer will see its first sustained use in several years.  But I dare not put my Cervelo frame on the trainer, since I cracked another frame on a trainer a few years back.

I need something less expensive than, but as strong as the Cervelo.  I’ll use the bulletproof set of wheels that Nagai-san built me recently, and try the „Powercranks“ that I’m going to order.  I’ve fit frames in the 59cm to 61cm (center-to-center, actual or virtual) sizes, with a 58-59cm (actual or virtual) top tube.  58 cm would be too small in most manufacturers (especially Trek).  The geometry of my size 61 Cervelo R3-SL is shown at the bottom of this linked page.

Any ideas are welcome — if you have a frame or more you want to sell, or if you have a strong recommendation.  If I don’t get any leads quickly, I’ll go ahead and pull the trigger and order something from the US or UK so I can build it up in early January.

(P.S. As for other parts:  I also could use a spare Ultegra or 105 gruppo (without crankset or cassette) if someone has that  together with the frame, and also some 44cm handlebars (harder to find in Japan than smaller sizes).  I have a bunch of parts already — crankset, cassette, a nice new carbon seat post (27.2mm) that would be fine with a traditional geometry frame but is too short for me to use with the sloping/compact Cervelo), a very solid used Reynolds Ouzo Pro 1 1/8″ carbon fork, FSA integrated headset, FSA 110mm (or 120mm?) stem for oversized (31.8?) handlebars, all waiting to be put on a bike, and I’ve ordered a spare saddle.)

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6 Antworten zu “Wanted to Buy – 59 60 or 61cm Road Frame

  1. wouldn't this do fine?! I've had my eye on it for a while!http://www.tokyocycle.com/classifieds/showproduct.php/product/118/cat/1I got some 44cm handlebars from Takizawa. Lots of choice available. These work for me:http://www.takizawa-web.com/shop-bar&stem09/harp/shallow31.htmlI broke a collarbone a few years ago and had a couple of months attached to the trainer. You'll come back all the stronger for it!Wishing you a speedy recovery.Andy

  2. David,How much are you looking to spend on the frame?

  3. Andy, James — thanks much for the quick responses.I'll email James separately — he has previously hinted at various overseas sources.And I just sent a note to Phil at TCC to see if by chance his Specialized Sequoia Expert is still unsold. I had looked at the TCC classifieds a few days back, but somehow skipped over the complete bikes and older posts — unwise given that I could use the gruppo with the frame, and that the size looks just right, and the more upright position perfect for use with a trainer and Powercranks.Takizawa looks like a good source for handlebars (among other things)! I prefer the "anatomic" bend and was getting concerned when finding only 42 or smaller in anatomic shapes of the Harp and Shimano Pro bars, but I see plenty of Deda and ITM bars in 44 and 46 cm sizes. Thanks!

  4. I have a 105 group, possibly if your still looking

  5. Thanks for the helpful hints, especially to those (Andy and several others) who pointed me to Phil's used Specialized Sequoia on the TCC website — exactly what I needed. I took delivery yesterday (minus the wheels) and it looks like new, and is sitting on my trainer, waiting for the New Year.I'll delete this blog post in due course.

  6. hi de hi david. I have a beautifully welded titanium frame – think its just your size !!!Merry Christmas, Juliane and David

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