My bicycle fleet is now ready for the winter and the new season respectively.

I upgraded the Cervelo Soloist with the new Ultegra 6700 groupset except for the crank set where I prefer the old design over the new one. Both, brake and gear cables are now below the handlebar tape just as for Campagnolo. With less wind resistance I should be even faster up Wada Toge next year.
I also needed to exchange the callipers. They look very much Dura Ace and are much more bulky than the Ultegra 6600 brakes. I wish they would be available in orange.

The Bad Boy got a set of 700 x 30 Schwalbe CX Pro Cross tires to convert it for cyclo-crossing during the winter season. Despite the advise of some cycle shops, it was no problem to fit them on to the original 700 x 23 rims and there is also enough clearance to the fork and the brake bridge on the cable stays.

Seems to be cross fit as confirmed during a ride in the local park. There is an added rolling resistance which makes it more difficult to accelerate the bike, but hey: Tom, here I am ready to ride out with your during the winter in the snow. Come back from Helsinki. And road 76: Here we come.
Tons of new riding options.

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8 Antworten zu “Upgrades

  1. Nice looking gear. I too got the 6700 groupo and am pretty happy with it. I haven't had a lot to compair them to but I like the gear and the feel. From the reviews they are supposed to be the same as the 9600 dura ace but heavier.

  2. MOB, Loven,Actually the new Ultergra is based on last years DuraAce designs, different materials (No titanium) but technology is very good. Mob the rolling is a strange sensation isn't it…. wait till you hang some tight corners they will feel like they are rolling off the rims. I upgraded my MTB tires recently to some serious off road tires and roll on them is crazy… can pitch the bike right over on the corners though.

  3. First time I see your Bad Boy. Is it not possible to introduce any orange colour on the bike?? Doesn't look like a bike that would qualify to be part of a PE fleet.

  4. Agreed! The yellow bottle cage needs to go and can be replaced with orange, also I do beleive JAG Wire also do orange cables and the stealth look would compliment it very well!

  5. That's an interesting looking fork on the Bad Boy, it reminds of those daft orange plastic hammers (often with a squeaky thing in it) that are so much fun to hit people over the head with.I am the opposite with my stealth MTB – I do everything I can to keep it black. Sadly my new bike (also all black) is likely to have silver spokes, due to the Rohloff internal gear hub.http://randomhawk.com/web_photos/richard_bike.jpgI am probably wrong, but I think that an all-black bike is hard to fathom to the humble bike thief, and it might be overlooked in favour of ,,,, an orange bike.

  6. Richard, you are not the only one… My bike is almost completely black too! (except for some small writing in orange on it – that's the only resaon why MOB allowed me to join Positivo Espresso)Not that I wouldn't think other colours could be cool – I simply had no choice – or rather the choice between all black and all white, which is not really a choice.Black certainly has many advantages, first and foremost that you don't see black dirt on it!I'm less convinced that it is more prone to be overlooked by a thief. In fact, I would think a thief would feel more comfortable riding away with a black bike and thinking that may go unnoticed, than riding away with an orange bike that attracts even undue attention from butterflies…

  7. As for bike theft, 90% of them know exactly what they are stealing so colour will have nothing to do with it, Parts, Brands and resale value do.

  8. TOM

    MOB…got back from Helsinki, still feeling dead-tired and sorry I had to miss out on the Ekiden fun yesterday. Yes, your Bad Boy looks like he could handle R76. Let me know when you intend to go (preferably before it starts to snow)…

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