Mt. Fuji is Gray — "Rehabili" Rides

I suffered through the heat this long weekend for 3 short rides, 60, 80 and 95 kilometers, leaving home before 7AM and returning a few hours later, my energy drained completely by 95 degree (35-36 degrees celsius) heat and humidity.  The Sunday and Monday rides each wiped me out, leaving me flat on my back for the afternoon.

My last (pre-accident) ride of any length was 10 weeks ago, and I return to the bike with weakened legs, a few kgs of extra weight (all in my stomach area, to which other fat also seems to have migrated), weakened back muscles (my back ached each day), and a need to avoid putting my full weight on my left arm, which is still healing and still quite weak.  How long is the road back?

Somehow, during the time I was away, Mr. Fuji turned from white to pale gray, barely distinguishable from the summer haze.

As I took this photo from the path and munched down an energy bar, having run out of gas only 16-17 km from home, I saw two riders in Positivo Espresso kit heading down the road below me.  I remounted and headed down the path, maybe 150 meters behind them.  They just made the green light at Sekidobashi, and I needed to go under the bridge, losing them.  I stopped for a real rest at the 7-11 near Y’s, and continued out toward Takao.  When I arrived at Takao, Michael H. and Graham D. were just finishing up their rest.  I followed about 10 minutes behind them up the hill west of Takao, turning around 1/2 way up to head for home.

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2 Antworten zu “Mt. Fuji is Gray — "Rehabili" Rides

  1. TOM

    Great to read you are back in the saddle David…you will be "rehabilitated" in no time. Take it easy in this heat though!

  2. Thanks, Tom…. I was expecting the first comment to be along the lines of "HTFU, David!"

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