Dosnovento. Barcelona.

Radladen in Barcelona. Verkauft auch Rahmen unter der gleichen Marke.


Barcelona; Stahl, klassisch

cuadro barcelona dosnoventa pic3

cuadro barcelona dosnoventa pic2

cuadro barcelona dosnoventa pic5

Detroit, Aluminium Oversized

detroit frame by dosnoventa

detroit frame by dosnoventa

Monte Carlo; Alu, klassisch

montecarlo frameset by dosnoventa

Houston; Alu, Oversized, modern

houston dosnoventa pic1

houston dosnoventa pic2

houston dosnoventa pic3

Tokyo; Carbon

tokyo dosnoventa pic3

tokyo dosnoventa pic2

Wegen den Sitzstreben: Tokyo.



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2 Antworten zu “Dosnovento. Barcelona.

  1. Hi MOB: I like the photo of the Dosnovento shop with the Persian rugs. Very classy and comfortable looking shop.

    At times of year with the worst heat and cold, I have been doing work on bikes inside in a first floor room in our house with a (cheap but similar looking) persian rug in our house, and now if my wife ever complains about miscellaneous metal shavings or grease stains, I can show her that this is the kind of floor covering that a bike shop has, especially in Barcelona. On the other hand, it does not look as if they are actually building any bike frames there. Are they coming in a container from China … or do they have a real builder’s factory out back somewhere?

    I like the photo of the massive welds on the Detroit aluminum track/single speed frame at the seat stays/seat tube intersection. One of my UBI instructors called the area between the two seat stays „the Devil’s a** hole“ … due to the difficulty of welding in the narrow crack there. But it is a bit easier with an oversized seat tube and a bit more real estate.

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