Cinelli Laser MIa


The Cinelli Laser, the full carbon version, is now available as the „Laser Mia“.

The Laser, Cinelli icon, thanks to the work of the Laser Team is now a carbon jewel. All Made in Italy through a sophisticated wrapping technique of the carbon elements that are further processed, it is possible to build a custom frame of only 890g. All the elements identifying the Laser are maintained: the fin under the bottom bracket, the fittings of the joints and the passage of the rear wheel housed in the seat tube.

  • The cable routing is fully internal for both mechanical and electronic groups.
  • The rear aluminum CNC dropouts sandwich wrap the central carbon part fully integrated to the rear stays.
  • A proper anodized aluminum cap positioned under the fin of the bottom bracket allows easy access for routing the shift cables.
  • Head tube 1 „1/8 and BSA bottom bracket

For comparison here is a built-up Laser Mia compared to a 1980s steel Laser:

Cinelli website

via Italian Cycling Journal

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