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Breaking news: Ludwig back on the bike!



Ludwig, einer des harten, Positivo Espresso Kerns und einer der wenigen der noch inTokyo ist, hatte eigentlich das Radfahren wegen Rückenbeschwerden komplett eingestellt und sich auf Wandern und Bergsteigen verstiegen (hiking). Umso schöner, dass er nun wieder einmal auf dem Rad sitzt.

Hier sein Bericht:

„This was meant to be the day for my first hike with Peter Jaeger but
bad weather killed the plan. Instead I proposed we try at least a
bike ride together, after the worst of the rain had passed and hoping
for not more than drizzle at best.

Drizzling was it when I left the house at noon, but as we left
Peter’s house in Kami-Soshigaya, the skies cleared up somewhat and we
quickly got quite warm in some sun. I wanted to show Peter some of
the well trodden bike routes in western Tokyo and keep some
flexibility to cut the ride length according to weather and our condition.

Peter wanted to get into the hills quickly, so I showed him Kan One,
the „Tank Road“ through that park overlooking Hashimoto and then on
to our favorite pit stop at Takao. We returned via Asakawa and
Tamagawa. The skies darkened on the return trip and eventually poured
all they had on us as we were approaching Komae. The shower passed us
quickly, but as it was threatening to get dark, we had to move on and
thus stayed in pretty heavy rain for most of the way home.

Peter started out at a brisk pace on his vintage racing bike and it
was not easy to keep up on my MTB. Eventually the cards turned and I
felt like exploring how fast an MTB can actually go. Still no
comparison with a road racer, but at least I was able to chase a
strong looking carbon racer and stayed with him even as he went well
above 40km/h, unable to shake me off. That was the kind of fun I used
to have every weekend!

Let’s see what my back says tomorrow, after this longest ride in 1.5 years.

93km with 400m of climbing:“



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